Rotary Web Services

Free Software?

What do you mean Free Software?

Many people do not understand this concept. It seems to run contradictory to anything they have ever experienced. Free software isn't necessarily available 'at no cost.' Free software is more about 'liberty' than the price or cost of it, however the concept does have an impact on its 'cost.'  A good analogy is the idea behind Free Speech. If you have 'Freedom of Speech' you are free to say what you want to say, but your freedom to say these things cannot impinge on someone else's rights to say the same thing, or something similar, or even something totally different. For a thorough treatise on the concept, visit


So how do you make any money by providing free software to someone?

Some 'Free Software' isn't free. If there is a cost, we generally pass that directly on to the client. What we provide, and what we get paid to do involves some or all of he following:

  1. Selecting the appropriate Open Source Software (OSS) for the clients needs.
  2. Installing, configuring, and 'tweaking' that OSS for the client.
  3. Instructing / training the client on how to use the OSS.
  4. Maintaining the OSS in an updated and secure state.
  5. Providing ancillary services such as backup / restore services, web related services such as email, DNS management, or Data storage.

Because our overhead costs are mitigated by a) the low or no cost of the OSS, and b) our familiarity / understanding of the OSS, we are able to keep the fees we charge for these services very competitive and still be profitable.